Coal Nozzle Lining

Coal Nozzle Lining

Product Overview:

For manufacturing, supplying, designing, and marketing the coal nozzle lining across India, Nash Technologies is the winner. Our nozzle linings are one of the crucial components in multiple coal-fired power plants. We have designed these linings in such a way as to withstand extreme conditions that are present in the coal combustion process. This coal nozzle lining is majorly found in the boiler system where the coal is burned to generate the heat in the producing system. Its main purpose is to safeguard the nozzles from heat, abrasion, and erosion which are caused by the high-velocity flow of the coal particles and hot gases.



Our linings prevent the wear and damages to the nozzle which are highly crucial in directing and distributing the coal in the combustion chamber for effective burning. The linings are specifically designed with materials that possess high resistance to heat, abrasion, and erosion. Our professionals have used materials like ceramics, refractory bricks, castables, and other special coatings. These materials possess the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. 

Product Name Coal Nozzle Lining
Application Industrial
Material Mild Steel & Alumina Ceramic
Boiler Tube Water Tube
Delivery Type Depends on order quantity and location,
Main Domestic Market All over India
Certification Type (If any) ISO Standard
Country Origin India

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