Limit Switch Boxes

Limit Switch Boxes

Product Overview:

The limit switch boxes manufactured, supplied, designed, and marketed by Nash Technologies are one of the pioneers in the industry. Our devices are used in various industrial applications for monitoring and controlling machinery and equipment movement. It easily detects the presence or absence of the object and can activate the corresponding electrical signal. You can find our boxes to be used and applicable in various industries from manufacturing, process control, automation, and much more. Under our roof, you may find a variety of limit switch boxes at the best prices which include mechanical limit switches, electronic limit switches, and more.



Our switch boxes are explosion-proof and allow for easy adjustment for sensitivity and activation points. You are not required to do much maintenance of our limit switch boxes in your industry. However, when considering the type of switch boxes to be used in your industry, be sure to consider the requirements of your applications, environmental conditions, and safety regulations. 

Product Name Limit Switch Boxes
Usage/Application Machine Tool
Actuators Type Pneumatic Actuator
Switch Type Rotary Limit Switch (Mechanical Switch)
Material Aluminium Pressure Die Cast
Pole Throw SPDT
Features Wheather and flame proof, explosion proof
Temperature Range 15 DegreeC to +70 DegreeC
Voltage Range 230-240 V AC
Pressure High Pressure
Finishing Type Polished
Delivery Type Depending on order quantity and location,
Main Domestic Market All over India
Certification Type (If any) ISO Standard
Country Origin India

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